Health and Nutrition

At Sonas childcare centre we understand how important it is to establish good healthy eating practices at a very young age. We believe in providing highly nutritious good quality meals and encouraging a positive stimulating environment where children are given the opportunity to interact socially while enjoying their meal.

• We prepare all our home cooked meals on site in our purpose built,
HSE approved kitchen.

• Our menu is varied and we use fresh produce that is sourced locally.

• We have a three week rotating menu in place to ensure that your child receives a variety of nutrients and tastes.

• Our menu follows the food pyramid, which is a definitive guide to ensuring that your child gets all their nutritional needs.

• Our menu is designed to consider all the developmental stages of our child that will carry them from our baby room through to Pre School.

• We fully supervise all snack and mealtimes, to provide a safe and positive but stimulating social environment for your child to enjoy their food.

• We adhere to individual food choices or specific dietary requirement you or your child may have. Any specific Allergy/Cultural dietary requirements can be outlined to our team at registration.

• We keep daily detailed report sheets on what your child has eaten during the day. A copy of this sheet is available on request.