About us

Provision Of Services

The centre offers fulltime, part-time, seasonal care for infants , pre-school age and after-school, and holiday care in a state of the art facility from 7.30am - 6.30pm, Monday - Friday for 50 weeks a year. Staff children ratios apply in this service and are in line with the pre-school regulations and best practice, they are as follows:

Babies aged 3 months to a year - 1 Adult to 3 Babies.
Wobblers 1 - 2 years - 1 Adult to 5 children.
Toddlers 2 - 3 years - 1 Adult to 6 children.
Afterschool care (Regulations to date does not specify ratios for this age group), however in the interest of quality care, we operate 1 adult to 10 children. 
The premises complies with all legal and administrative requirements e.g. Pre-school regulations, safety, health and welfare at work act, 1989.
The childcare staff are both fully trained and experienced in childcare and first aid.

Principles of Service

The welfare of children is paramount.
The service will work with parents at all times.
The service has been inspected by the HSE under the terms of the childcare act, 1996.
Parents will be regularly informed of the child's progress and well being.
A register of the children attending in compliance with article 13 of the pre-school regulations and is open to inspection by those authorised to do so.
A copy of part VII of the childcare act, 1991 and the pre-school regulations, 1996 and the explanatory guide to the sane are kept on the premises, and are available for inspection as in article 17 of the regulations.   

Mission Statement

Mountmellick Community Childcare Ltd; proposes to offer excellent quality, affordable accessible and family friendly childcare to all who need this service in the community